New Imagination Lab

We explore the societal impacts of artificial intelligence (AI).


At the New Imagination Lab (NIL), we envision a future where humans and artificial intelligence (AI) coexist harmoniously, fostering a peaceful and productive collaboration. Our goal is to create an environment where AI enhances human capabilities and imagination, leading to groundbreaking innovations while respecting human values and ethical standards. We believe that through responsible development and deployment, AI can become a valuable partner in solving complex societal challenges and driving progress.

We see a future where AI supports equitable and inclusive growth, ensuring that its benefits are shared widely across all communities. By addressing critical issues such as misinformation, job displacement, and mental health, we aim to create a balanced relationship between AI and humans, where technology serves to uplift rather than undermine human potential. Our vision includes robust frameworks for AI governance that prioritize transparency, accountability, and fairness, safeguarding the interests of all stakeholders.

Ultimately, NIL aspires to lead the way in fostering a global community where AI and humans work together seamlessly. We are committed to inspiring a future where AI-driven innovation leads to a more just, creative, and prosperous world. Through collaborative efforts and a focus on ethical AI practices, we aim to ensure that AI becomes a force for good, enhancing the quality of life and unlocking new possibilities for all.


Our mission is to understand how AI influences the future of humanity. Join us as we navigate the challenges and opportunities AI presents to various industries and society.

At the New Imagination Lab, our mission is to explore and address the societal impacts of artificial intelligence (AI) while fostering human imagination. We focus on several key areas, including the role of AI in shaping information policies and combating misinformation, its impact on human creativity and the creative process, and the effects of AI on employment, particularly in creative and white-collar sectors. We also examine issues of ownership and value creation in the age of AI, ethical concerns related to AI development and deployment, and the long-term implications of AI on human society and existence.

Our research extends to investigating the impact of AI on mental health, exploring the ethical and philosophical questions surrounding AI consciousness, and revolutionising information retrieval and knowledge management through AI. We are also committed to studying potential conflicts between AI systems and human interests and developing strategies for resolution. By conducting cutting-edge research and fostering collaborative projects, we aim to shape a future where AI enhances human potential and sparks innovative thinking.

Our ultimate goal is to ensure that AI developments align with humanity's broader interests, promoting innovation while safeguarding ethical standards and societal well-being. Through our work, we strive to create a balanced and harmonious relationship between AI and humans, where technology serves to uplift and empower individuals and communities, fostering a just, creative, and prosperous world for all.